[Video] Ford’s Super Bowl add continues the company’s mobility push image

The Blue Oval company is not just an automaker anymore, as it strives to become a true mobility provider, so this year’s Super Bowl add is pushing the new strategy.

Ford has used its “Go Further” slogan times and times again, but its even more relevant for the upcoming Super Bowl, so the automaker is accompanying its range of new vehicles with an array of “long term mobility solutions” to make them a solid proposal for the future. The 90-second ad will appear just before the kickoff, and focuses on Ford’s sense of mobility – from bike sharing, autonomous driving to plug-in hybrids – while we all listen to Nina Simone’s “I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel to be Free.”

[Video] Ford’s Super Bowl add continues the company’s mobility push 7

The commercial is apparently looking to make people know Ford is thinking about transportation and mobility solutions not traditionally associated with the brand. We can cite studies like Ford’s “City of Tomorrow” concept but also the opening of the new FordHub in New York City, looking to deliver an “interactive brand experience” for customers, as well as project the company’s expanded focus on mobility.