[Video] Forget about the Nurburgring taxi – get the drift taxi at the Ebisu Circuit in Japan image

We really need to book a holiday vacation or set up an office in Japan – because aside from all those special edition models just for the Land of the Rising Sun there’s now a drift taxi for the Ebisu Circuit that will make you want to go sideways all-day long.

Japan’s famous Ebisu Circuit is the resting place – in case you didn’t knew – of no less than seven separate race tracks and two skid pads used for general automotive foolishness. It also houses a myriad of races, including Japan’s D1 Grand Prix series, though things really get interesting exactly when races aren’t happening. Just like on the ‘Ring, there’s a taxi service that will make you drift like a pro – only without you actually doing anything.

The wannabe drifters even get a choice of rides – a Toyota Mark II or Chaser sedan, both going for more than 400 horsepower under the hood and packing racing seats in front and back to accommodate three passengers per car. Professional drifters handle the dull driving duties – leaving you and your friends for the selfie scare, sorry ride of your life. And because there’s a wide variety of courses, you can do donuts on the skid, low and high speed sideway action as well as a terrifyingly awesome narrow street circuit. The one-hour excursion at the track costs ¥25,000 plus ¥500 – which is just around $230, a bargain if you’re asking us. And it’s even better – this cost is not per person, but per car…