[Video] Former Stig – Ben Collins – reviews the McLaren 570S for Goodwood image

Ben Collins, the racing driver actually made famous worldwide by his reveal that he was at a time the famous Top Gear resident mysterious driver – The Stig – has been keeping himself busy lately.

After his infamous reveal that he used to be the famous The Stig – he made numerous appearances on competing British TV Show Fifth Gear and has even indulged in cultural activities – writing a book. Carmakers have even used his expertise by acquiring his services to drive their cars – though for the time being he appears to be in the employment of the Goodwood Road & Racing. The YouTube channel linked to the famed Goodwood Estate – you know, that place where incredible things happen every summer – during the Festival of Speed. Though summer is not yet upon us that doesn’t mean time doesn’t need to get passed. So, some supercar tests are truly in order – and today we have the McLaren 570S on point. The channel is also apparently preparing to put through the paces the BMW M2 pocket rocket and the Audi R8 V10 plus, as mentioned during the footage.

The review might be a little biased, since Collins is being thrown around by the stiff suspension and he has nothing bad to say – even putting the 570S on the same level with the 650S. We heard Chris Harris opinion on the matter differs – and coincidence or not, the latter is now involved with the new Top Gear format. There are points in favor of the 570S – it’s featherweight at just 1.4 tons wet, making it lighter than any of its competitors.

Via Goodwood Road & Racing