The second largest US automaker has just kicked off the production of one of its hottest and most anticipated models in recent history – the 2016 Ford Focus RS.

Built in Saarlouis, Germany, the 2016 Ford Focus RS might be considered a mostly European-flavored affair but we should all keep in mind this generation will travel around the globe for the first time. As such future owners might not be totally sage about the model’s possibilities. But fret not, Ford has us covered and we have after the break the perfect video – one that explains how the four driving modes of the car serve their intended purposes. That’s because the model is a big departure from the incipient days of the model – when power was directed to a smart front axle and then it was the driver’s turn to demonstrate he can handle it. Now those behind the wheel will get massive power, a sophisticated all-wheel-drive system signed by GKN and active rear axle torque vectoring. There’s also one thing to consider – weight, because tipping the scales at 3,527 lbs (just under 1,600 kg) we’re treated here with a heavyweight.

And because the explanations need to come from someone the world trusts, up to take the task comes former Top Gear Stig Ben Collins – which explains and showcases how the four modes control almost everything from all-wheel-drive, shock absorbers, steering, engine mapping to the ESP or even the exhaust. Noteworthy of course is the Drift mode – which goes against the Track one and lets you feel the car losing its “tail” – just for the driver to be able to say “I went sideways in an AWD”.


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