[Video] Formula Renault incredible crash sees drivers come unharmed image

In a statement of how race car safety has come since just a few decades ago – a crash that 10 years ago would have killed one of the drivers has had as an outcome just the two drivers retirement from the race.

During the sixth minute into the Formula Renault 3.5 season opening race at Monza saw drivers Marco Sorensen and Jazeman Jaafar dramatically crash – while the second only had its car put in reverse, Sorensen’s monopost was sent up in the air, flipped upside down and sent to scrape the pavement for a very long way. The result – both came out unharmed.

That’s an astonishing result, as the driver was just inches away from the asphalt for the better part of the pit wall – in a nightmare scenario no driver would get into voluntarily – with the crash the result of a very subtle wheel contact, which should be investigated after the race by the stewards.

The race was eventually won by newcomer Caterham Racing Academy driver Will Stevens, followed by rookies Roberto Merhi and Pierre Gasly.

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