[VIDEO] Frankfurt: BMW Husqvarna E-go Concept revealed image

We are usually used to presenting cars in different shapes, forms and powertrains when talking about international events like the Frankfurt Motor Show, but when your “name” is BMW than a few words about your new motorcycle concept can be said.

The Bavarian automaker, or in this case bikemaker, has presented to the public a new motorcycle concept under the name of Husqvarna E-go Concept, which is actually designed for first time riders with a single-sided aluminum swingarm, an electric powertrain and a coaxial traction system.

“The Concept E-go is Husqvarna’s solution to electric motorcycling and how to enthuse the young generation to the spirit of riding and freedom. Change is inevitable, and the Husqvarna is ready, with an advanced technological concept and a highly personal design”, says an official statement of the company.

BMW didn’t offer too much information about its new eco-friendly motorcycle concept, in fact it didn’t say anything more than how much the bike is weighing: 80 kilograms or 176 lbs.