[Video] From Russia with love: Bentley GT gets concrete cover image

We’re not sure if the mishap is really an accident or somebody was really pissed-off at the Russian CEO, but the end result is that his shiny Bentley GT got covered in concrete.

With many Russian drivers using on-board dash cams – for many reasons – interesting things are bound to be captured almost every day. With the sheer amount of cars and the vastness of the country, Russia’s dash cams have given us a broad range of “motorist” tales – from the meteor that almost brought the Armageddon on the planet to road rage that ends in humor and cartoon-dressed persons imposing swift justice.

The latest happening is both funny and serious: a Russian CEO – who remained anonymous, of course – learned that sweet parking spots next to construction sites come with dangers. His shinny black Bentley GT was covered in concrete.

“It’s impossible to clean the concrete off the entire body of the car. It needs to be changed. A new body would cost 8 million rubles, twice the price of my car,” said the unfortunate owner.

According to news coverage from Russia Today, the construction workers responsible for the mishap were busy lifting a “huge bucket” of liquid cement when it hit a wall by accident and spilled all over the cars below. There were three – the Bentley, what looks like a Kia and a Mitsubishi Pajero SUV. While the damage seems shallow, the truth is we all know that once the cement dried it turned into concrete – no chance of scraping that off a car.