Video: Full Fast Five Scene Leaked image

This Friday, April 29, Fast and Furious Fast Five will hit the theaters, packed with promises to be the most intensive action-style scenes we’ve seen yet.

However, until then the French branch of Universal Pictures have gone out of their way to release a pretty important scene from Fast Five, the fifth installment of the much ballyhooed Fast and the Furious franchise.
We’ll let you decided whether or not you want to watch the clip posted after the jump.
However, we will tell you that Dom (Vin Diesel) and Brian (Paul Walker) use a pair of pumped-up Dodge Chargers in a… unique capacity.

Although the latest film ‘Fast Five’ starring Vin Diesel and Paul Walker will only be released in the UK this week, plans are already underway for a sixth installment even though bosses are aware viewers will eventually tire of the street racing storyline of the first five movies.