[Video] Funny or not – experience is key in not rear ending others when showing off in a Mustang image

It happened in the States, where we thought everyone by know knew how to handle a muscle car – be it the Mustang, Challenger or Camaro. But then again…

What we have here is an inexperienced driver of the fifth-gen Mustang who lost control of the resident pony car and unfortunately hit in the rear another vehicle – we believe it’s a Hyundai Sonata – that most likely was being driven legally by its respective owner. While on a Cars & Coffee Chicago meet last weekend, the driver of a fifth-gen Ford Mustang thought about showing off his prized possession and lack of skills – he throttled the ride while leaving the event. As we can all see the tentative was not in the least bit successful as his plans were thrown off the window after wreaking havoc in the traffic and rear-ending a white car that was minding its own business and was waiting for the road to be clear to make a left turn.

Overconfidence when driving a powerful machine with RWD is not a great mix as the driver learned – and according to a guy that uploaded one of the videos on the Internet there was even a guy with Pontiac GTO that made the exact same mistake just prior to the mustang incident but that one was lucky to escape without hitting anything. Fortunately no one was injured during the incident and the Mustang and Soanat will be on the road again after a visit to the service.