[Video] Garage Italia Customs bridges the Italian gap between Pagani and Fiat image

Never thought you’d see these two brands mentioned in the same sentence, except for explaining the Italian concept of Ying and Yang – better think again, because there’s at least one venue that thinks they have things in common.

There’s at least one product that puts the two brands on par – it’s a beautiful Huayra (somehow this sounds better than a Fiat sporting Pagani inspiration, but only barely) reworked by Pagani and Garage Italia Customs. Its new name is the Lampo (Italian for “lightning”), and this one-off is done in the loving memory of the very interesting 1954 Fiat Turbina concept (pictured), as it served as the retro-themed machine’s source of inspiration. The best way to align both is through the red and white paint scheme that was premiered by the concept that used – as the name implied – three turbines affixed to the mid-mounted engine. By the way, this was no ordinary Fiat – it had 300 horsepower and an astonishing drag coefficient of only 0.14.

[Video] Garage Italia Customs bridges the Italian gap between Pagani and Fiat 3

The Huayra on the other hand has been dressed with a newly developed carbon fiber fabric with aluminum inserts – some of the parts are even painted in a transparent coating and, naturally, there’s an Italian flag motif on the rear wheel arches to call back the concept from more than six decades ago. This Huayra is also equipped with the Tempesta package and inside there’s a big mix of luxury materials to make sure it remains unmistakable.