[Video] Gear up for the UEFA EURO 2016 with the latest Hyundai ad image

So the summer is upon us and with it we’re being treated to another major sporting event – the UEFA European Football Championship, which takes place in France and counts Hyundai among its main sponsors.

To get you all worked up about the sports connection, the South Korean automaker has prepared an emotional ad that wants to psychologically condition us to the emotional feelings we’ve been honing about sports in general since the glory days of the Roman Colosseum. Just imagine – earlier this year an earthquake detection system in England announced it detected activity each time the home team, Leicester FC, scored a goal during the home matches taking place at King Power Stadium.

Since we’re just three shy days away from the opening of the UEFA Euro 2016 championship, when organizing France will play its first group match against Romania, Hyundai has decided to remind us they’re deeply implicated in football – both on a European and worldwide level. You’ll be mesmerized by the little girl and the general atmosphere of the clip and before hitting the YouTube comments section to find out the song they’re humming we can tell you it’s Beethoven’s Ode to Joy – a good choice since this is also the European Union’s anthem.