[Video] Gelandewagen snow battle in Russia includes chains and G63 AMG image

There are all sorts of urban myths surrounding the automotive culture in Russian, including that even if you’re not a Mafia guy and fit the profile to buy a G Class the bad guys will “help” you become part of their team.

Anyways, creepy jokes aside, what we have here is a rather inconspicuous appearance on Russian roads – the Mercedes’ military-sourced offroader. Yes, even in the dire economic conditions faced by the population, the population of Gelandewagen models has no chance of reaching the endangered list so we picked up a fairly casual happening. Snow setting, forest, battle and two Gs. Okay, one of them is of AMG-inspiration but the other makes up for the power loss by using snow chains.

The organizers made sure this savage fight has the best reserved for us – from the infamous snow setting to the roaring crackles of the three locking differentials that allow them to laugh in the face of any extreme condition. Well, if you’re curious to see how the older, non-AMG G-Class stood against the Biturbo behemoth you’ll be compelled to glaze at the video below and see if the confident guy that stuck to bare rubber will tackle both the snow and the chain-packing under-powered brethren.

Via FanAuto