Spy photographers are going to remain jobless if this trend continues – now virtually every automaker is delivering official footage and still shots with their prototypes before the actual introduction.

They were once shrouded in mystery – but today camouflaged prototypes of upcoming models are being showcased by the automaker itself, in a bid to attract interest. This is the case with the E-Pace, Jaguar’s only second crossover ever – which is going to be revealed in front of the worldwide audience on July 13. Jaguar is pitting the E-Pace compact SUV against the likes of the Audi Q3 and BMW X1, and before the global debut take place we get to see it still covered in full body camouflage as it endured the classic ordeal – in this case more than 120,000 hours of endurance testing across four continents. This means no less than 25 months of testing – and Jaguar is proudly letting us catch a glimpse of the testing procedure.

[Video] Get to see the Jaguar E-Pace while testing 2

500 JLR engineers were involved with the prototype test program, working with more than 150 vehicles for reliability, integrity and durability. Jaguar claims the new E-Pace will be a “dynamic and entertaining performance SUV” – and they included more than 400 laps of the Nürburgring as part of the dynamic testing process. “Months of intense testing on roads and tracks around the world have delivered a compact performance SUV that is true to Jaguar’s performance DNA.” Temperatures evolved from -40 to +48 degrees Celsius (-40 to +118 degrees Fahrenheit) – and among the conducted tests there was one involving the vehicle and a dive into a pool of water 0.5-meter (1.6-feet) deep, switching the engine off, opening all the doors and leaving it standing for an hour – the car passed if it started and was able to drive off.



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