[Video] Get your hillbilly thoughts up with Ferrari F40 GT drifting around farm image

If you like “Tax the Rich” videos then you’ll certainly love this one – the guys over at the YouTube channel have decided to start the year in style and have some plain old fun with a Ferrari F40 GT at a farm.

It’s been quite some time since we saw some footage from the guys, which made us look twice at the footage – not only because they’re putting a marvelous Ferrari F40 in the spotlight but also because there’s something eerily magical/mundane when watching a supercar out of its elements and into the countryside. By the way, this is not your every day F40 – though it’s hard to say that a Ferrari F40 can ever be a regular vehicle – as this time around we see here the GT version. Exclusivity is as high as it gets – just seven vehicles of the kind have been manufactured back in 1991 and 1992. The F40 GT was a reinterpretation of the F40 LM without aerodynamic updates and using air-intake restrictors to have the engine breath out “just” 590 horsepower.

So, one of those expensive cars was taken to the farm – the video has been titled “Farmkhana” in a nod to Ken Block’s many Gymkhana videos that see vehicles drifted in quirky scenarios. These guys from Tax the Rich have their fair share of experience when it comes to the Ferraris – we remember they treated the Ezno just like a regular rally car and had a tug of war between two F50 models. We’re pretty curious how did the owner of the F40 GT agree to the abuse…

Via TaxTheRich100