If your millions are just sitting idle in the bank and have no idea what to snatch for a present this Christmas to your mother and father – we dare not say in-laws – then better check the Neiman Marcus catalog.

We’re still carving pumpkins for Halloween, but already luxury department store Neiman Marcus has decided to give its clients time to sift through the Christmas holiday catalogue – the 2017 edition now features a set of his’n’hers Rolls-Royce Dawns… They are painted shades of Lago di Como-inspired Coniston Blue and Saint Tropez, which in case you didn’t catch the reference is… orange. The unique convertibles also gain a number of bespoke touches – such as silver hoods and dark gray fabric tops.

[Video] Get your Rolls-Royce pair for Christmas from the Neiman Marcus catalogue 8

The interior packages are also quite a match for the customer’s bank account. The Coniston Blue Dawn has dark brushed metal trim on the dashboard and elsewhere, while the Saint-Tropez-colored convertible gets Canadel open-pore wood throughout. If you have to ask… Neiman Marcus wants $439,625 and $445,750 for each, respectively, with orders opening at 8:00 AM EDT on November 2, 2017. The Neiman Marcus catalog has been around since 1939, brimming with odd and off the beat ideas for those with way more money than imagination. We can cite previous entries – a submarine, a sarcophagus with an actual mummy inside, and the most expensive, a private jet.


  1. The ford mustangs from a previous catalogue sat idle…the company is near bankrupt and declining rapidly..thats the real story..


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