[Video] Get your win with Lego’s Ford GT Speed Champions kit image

There’s no need for Sherlock Holmes’ famous eyeglass or countless sleepless nights for these little Lego cars, but they’re still worth the while and will look great on the treasure shelf.

Lego’s new kit in its Speed Champions line includes models of the 1966 Ford GT40 and the 2016 Ford GT – which is about half a century of racing glory in one package and a fun way of introducing a pair of Le Mans legends. Lego of course aims these kits at the youngster motorists, but adult Ford fans will also enjoy them for sure. Eschewing over a thousand blocks and those hundreds pages of instructions, the pack does include a racing driver minifigure, a checkered flag, and a trophy.


It will become available starting March next year for 34.99 euros or 29.99 pounds ($38) across Europe. By the way, if you feel this pack is way too small for you, there’s always the Ford 1:3 scale models of the GT40 and GT from last year’s 24 Hours of Le Mans- a team had tens of thousands of blocks at its disposal and needed three weeks to build them, so if you’re alone in the garage your holidays are already spoken for – maybe you also get some help from the entire family.