[Video] Girl uses Hyundai’s help to send message to daddy in space image

Have you ever considered the idea of having a car deliver a message that can be seen from outer space? Well, it’s been done recently and it involves one of the craziest forms of vehicle-to-vehicle communications.

A daughter decided she wants to connect with her dad over a very long distance – but instead of using more traditional methods, the very long distance was bridged using many vehicles. Stephanie, a 13-year-old, wanted to send a message to her dad – he works 200 miles above earth on the International Space Station. She enlisted the help of South Korean automaker Hyundai and used tire tracks made in sand by no less than eleven Genesis sedans to deliver the message – also getting a ticket into the Guinness’s World Record by setting the never-before seen record. According to a Hyundai statement, the feat was a really tough assignment – since it implicated numerous carefully planned steps. First, get the right place to “write” the message, “based on numerous geographical and meteorological factors,” also being large enough to deliver the massive message. It was covering a surface of more than two square miles – bigger than New York City’s Central Park.

The Delamar Dry Lake in Nevada did the trick and Hyundai used 11 Genesis sedans, complete with international team having a film crew, stunt drivers, surveyors and others. The cars synchronized to deliver a perfect replica of original hand-written message. With the help of the elements (no rain, no wind, clear skies) they also nailed “the largest tire track image” ever by Guinness World Records.

Via Forbes