[Video] Global NCAP tests Chevrolet Enjoy – you could see cloud nine in it image

Seriously, this is an alarm buzzer – in 2017 a car can still score an incredible score of zero safety stars for adult occupant protection – shame on General Motors for selling such vehicles, anywhere.

The Chevrolet Enjoy is an eight-seat MPV built specifically for the Indian market and the company claims it comes with the “highest standards of safety” thanks to “an unmatched set of active and passive safety features.” But the car went through the Global NCAP procedure and the results are cringing… in the frontal offset test at 40 miles per hour (64 kilometers per hour), the Enjoy registered zero safety stars. The organization studied the wreck and concluded the existence of no (yes, there are none) airbags for the basic trim levels and the body structure can result in high, even fatal, driver and front passenger injuries. “There is nothing to enjoy about a zero-star safety score and GM should be embarrassed that they are selling cars with such inadequate levels of occupant protection to Indian consumers,” said David Ward, Secretary General of Global NCAP.

This is unfortunately not the first time a GM vehicle ends up on the shame list. In 2016 the India-produced Chevrolet Beat (rebadged Spark) was tested by Latin NCAP, and also got zero stars for both adult and child safety. Just like the Enjoy, the entry-level versions have no airbags – a main cause for the result. As a counter-example, the Ford Figo Aspire was tested by the Global NCAP during the same session and it fared better – coming standard with two front airbags, and up to six in higher trims – getting three stars for adult occupant protection and two stars for child protection.

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[Video] Global NCAP tests Chevrolet Enjoy – you could see cloud nine in it 0