[VIDEO] Gold plated BMW M5 in Russia image

The Russians seem to have a thing for gold and even if it isn’t the real precious metal, which we presented not so long ago as being used on the interior of a very special it hits the news almost every time.

Golden exterior finishes or chromed vehicles have been around in the United Arab Emirates for quite some time and this weird fashion seems to be spreading around pretty fast, this time going up north in Russia, where we found this unique BMW M5. Well, we didn’t actually find, let’s say YouTube comes in just great in providing these news.

The BMW M5 E60 is our main star of the article and besides being one of the greatest cars out there, except its exterior design which seems to be made by someone with a shaky hand, it continues to shock us, this time with the gold exterior finish.

The driver’s age? Well just under 30. Way under 30. Too bad because this 500 horsepower beast was one of our favorites. We can only imagine what other drivers are saying about this golden plated M5 in a sunny day… You can watch the video below. Enjoy!