[Video] Goodwood enticing includes wild ride in Block’s Hoonicorn Mustang image

The Goodwood Festival of Speed and its namesake Hill Climb need no calling card, but the organizers still like to keep things light and ready – or let’s say wild and petrolicious.

They for example released a new video starring the well known Gymkhana star – Ken Block – enjoying the grounds in his spectacular and wild custom Mustang. The feat took place last year – since obviously this year’s edition hasn’t started yet – and shows why Block’s Hoonicorn is one of the coolest custom rides on Earth today. At the base it was a 1965 Mustang – but we pray to find any of the original parts on it. The Hoonigan team allocated instead a 6.7-liter V8 from Roush Yates with 845 horsepower and 720 pound feet of torque, as well as an all-wheel drive system. While Block ran the Hoonicorn up the Goodwood Hill last year during the FoS, the organizers held back to the thrilling video up until now.

Block is clearly not gunning for any sort of record on the circuit – and since he’s having fun we’re clearly going to have too. He stopped for example midway through the course for a donut and also indulged in some of his trademark slides. BBC host Craig Doyle was the one getting the most of the ride though, as he was riding in the passenger seat. By the way, it appears the new Top gear season is also going to feature Block and the Hoonicorn in one of the episodes of the new season.