Technology is a marvelous thing – just look at this amazing and modern storytelling delivered via a 360-degree video from Google’s Spotlight Stories series.

What’s important for us is the action takes place inside a car – more precisely a hatchback. And the immutable father-daughter bond is another reason to give the kudos to the six-minute VR animation. Called “Pearl, ” the emotional video depicts the tale of a young musician trying to make a life for himself and his daughter – as she ages discovers the same passion and follows in her father’s footsteps. The video depicts the lifestyle changes as the time passes and how the girl eventually has her breakthrough as an artist – with the car taken on her tours.

In the end, the roles get reversed – in the big cycle of life – with the daddy now in the back seat, resting, while the daughter is behind the wheel of the hatchback – now part of the family as well. By the way, the entire story is just a flashback triggered by the woman’s press of the play button of an old tape recorder inside the car. We can see the story still has an important lesson for those who eventually make it out in life – don’t forget the roots. The story focuses on the two main characters as we see the father sacrificing himself in order to provide for his daughter. As she grows older, she has her own hurdles – but never forgets her roots, because the humble hatchback is still served as the VIP car for her arrival at a major event.


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