[Video] Great Britain even has beggars owning Audi TTs, outrage is only natural image

Since all the good automotive stuff are still happening in Geneva, we’re going to take a break from our usual seriousness and present you the shameful case of a beggar that is actually a poor’s man rich and owns an… Audi TT.

This is the story that kinda’ makes you wonder why you’re aimlessly sharing your hard earned cash with people that sometimes only look to be more in the need for money. This guy here in our story is most likely driving a better car than you, and aside from that he’s also not homeless as he pretends to be. The people in Cornwall, UK, felt cheated after finding out a man they all knew because he was begging every day in the city center he was at the end of the day loading up his Audi TT. He’s called Matthew Brinton, he’s 35 years of age and he was a usual sight for the people as he begged in the streets joined by his border collie, Hazel. Following the release of the video listed below more than 100 persons commented and said they felt betrayed after handing him money and food on more than one occasion.

By the way, Matthew himself complained about being abused after the cat was let out of the bag, even claiming the car was actually a gift from his grandmother and it was anyways stolen shortly after the video was posted. “I have not seen any of the social media posts because I do not have access to the internet, but according to the police I’ve had lots of death threats. People are assuming too much and I’m getting a lot of abuse, which is pushing me to suicide,” he was quoted as saying. Yep, bottom line is don’t cheat people because they’ll never trust you again.

Via The Telegraph