[VIDEO] Guinness World Records: Tightest parallel parking image

Finding a parking space may seem like a mission impossible for some drivers, but not when your name is Ronny Wechselberger.

The German managed to park his Volkswagen Polo between two other cars with a spectacular maneuver, a move “by the text book” which brought him the “Tightest parallel parking” award from Guinness World Records, with only 26 centimeters as the distance to the other vehicle.

Ronny Wecheselberger’s joy didn’t last too long. Too be exactly it lasted only a few hours, after a Chinese shredded his record with a new distance to the other vehicle: 24 centimeters.

Sure you may say they have enough free time to practice, that sand was spread on the asphalt so the car could drift better between the other two vehicles, that the driver can’t get his car out until the other vehicles leave because he doesn’t have any space, sure, you can say whatever you want. But I would like to see how you park your cars.

Meanwhile you can watch the video below. Enjoy!