[Video] Gumball-style rally, Corvette Z06 and police trolling image

The Chevrolet Corvette C6 Z06 is a sports car made in America that almost needs no introduction. That’s because it’s such a delight to the driver every time he goes behind the wheel.

That’s valid both for trips to the grocery store and for entering a Gumball-style rally, where the inner car craze can often take interesting forms. In our case, we get to see an owner that wants to make the most of the honing experience. So, he set up to put the model’s 7-liter V8 to work and play a rather dangerous, tire-smoking play. The owner of the Vette is in Europe and he decided to play a prank by using the differences between the sports model home country and the Old Continent. Thus, this Z06 has been converted into a fake police car, with the livery used for the trick being the one used by the US Police – which would help it steer clear of confusion and most of all avoiding serious issues with the European police if it got caught by the actual law enforcers. Naturally, we’re not entirely sure if the police actually caught him they would have let the trespassing slide – Police pride is equal anywhere in the world – but we’re also quite sure the guy was not ready to find out by letting the law enforcers catch his ride.

The setting for his tire-smoking deeds was the Streetgasm Tour, a Gumball-style road rally that took place recently this year and saw its participants hit the roads for 2,000 miles in the span of a week. Besides trolling the police officers and fellow rally participants, the 505 hp of the LS7 V8 were also put to use to smoke the rear tires in every way possible throughout the rally.