[Video] Gymkhana like you’ve never seen before – 360 degrees and virtual reality image

Ken Block is a man of his times – he’s a social media athlete and knows how to display his best points – for example the new Gymkhana nine is now also available in immersive 360 degrees and virtual reality experiences.

What can we say, if you haven’t seen Gymkhana 9 now it’s the time to see it, if you did it’s time to use the 360 degrees or virtual reality options and have another go at it. It’s worth it – because most of all you get to ride shotgun in Ken Block’s utterly insane 600 hp machine – the Ford Focus RS RX. Gymkhana 9: Raw Industrial Playground was a back to the roots edition when it was shown about a month ago, with Block in Buffalo, New York and some of the craziest stunts you have ever seen performed in the heavily modified Ford Focus RS RX. Ford has opted for the first time to release the action-packed episode in the immersive 360-degree virtual reality version.

It’s just part one for now, because Ford also takes us behind the scenes and shows how the video was done and even explains some of the stunts – such as the spectacular train drift scene. Part two should be out in a matter of weeks and we think it’s going to focus on the shot where Ken Block performs donuts around an F-150 Raptor hanging from a helicopter. The full experience can be had using a VR headset and the FordVR app compatible with Android and iOS devices and downloadable from the Ford Performance YouTube channel.