[Video] Haval is one of those Chinese brands looking for International recognition image

You might have never heard of the Chinese brand Haval – and we’re not going to blame you, because they have a huge roster of unknown automotive brands.

They are now seeking recognition though because they have set their sight on an international market. While for years (probably since China became the ruling market worldwide) there have been news of international expansion from Chinese makers, into American and Europe, for now all they have to show for are certain special version models of prestigious coming out of China and landing across international markets. Now Haval – which is a brand of Chinese maker Great Wall – is trying to conquer the Land Down Under with two sport utility models derived as right-hand drive versions.

They have a pedigree… of sorts. The design was signed by a former BMW M Design leader, Pierre Leclercq, who also contributed to the previous generations of the X5 and X6, among others. But the H6 – the smaller of the two – still resembles European models, mostly the older Q7 on the outside and a first generation Tiguan on the inside. The H8 meanwhile has a bit of a Touareg vibe – both in and out. Anyways the H6 gets a 2-liter turbocharged gasoline engine packing 197 hp and 315 Nm of torque, complete with 6-speed twin-clutch transmission and front wheel drive. The larger H8 gets slightly more power from the same engine and is mated to a more elegant 6-speed auto from ZF.