The BBC pride automotive show Top Gear is gearing up to enter a new era following the departure of the iconic roster of hosts, and the new team is looking to make sure we’re going to stay with the format.

The Top Gear is getting back into shape starting May 29 in the UK and to make sure we don’t quit them they released yet another short trailer to keep us posted to what action can be expected throughout the season’s action. This time around we’re not being entertained with hard action, as that can become boring when it’s too much and too heavy – just look at the Transformers movie franchise – and instead we’re being sofa relaxed with slow motion footage and a jazzy tune. We already know there are numerous automotive wonders to be seen in the new season – and in this trailer there’s a superb Jaguar E-Type showing its credentials, as well as classic Ferrari making its way through a mountain scenery taken from the Lord of the Rings series.

Whether the new hosts – seven by our count – will deliver the same joy is an open matter for now. But we can be sure the action-packed frenzy is still there. We already know Matt LeBlanc is going to get dirty in the Ariel Nomad, while Chris Evans is going to puke out of an Audi R8 because of Sabine Schmitz skills. And if they turn out to be very bad, we can still look forward to The Grand Tour – the rival show from Amazon Prime hosted by Clarkson and Co. and starting this fall.



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