The Citroën Type H is – alongside the VW Bully – one of those very few utility vehicles that would make any classic collection proud – and the model is actually turning 70 this year.

The French automaker is going to celebrate the milestone in style – though with some outside help that came up with a new body kit that will transform your modern Jumper into the famed Type H. The latter has been around since 1947 when it was first presented, reaching the intended folks starting 1948 and now sees a new lease of life thanks to Fabrizio Caselani and designer David Obendorfer, creators of the recreation Type H retro-style body kit for the Citroën Jumper. Styling wise, the references are more than obvious, including the massive grille, corrugated sheets or the two round lights at the front.

[Video] Have your Citroen Jumper go back in time and become a classic Type H 8

And because the Type H has been aiding people for decades, and those have different needs, the body kit can accommodate different versions as well – standard van, tow truck, motor home, food truck, and others. To mark the occasion there will only be 70 kits on offer, produced by FC Automobili, and the work will include hand craftsmanship done in Italy. The conversions can be done on the regular Citroën Jumper with 110- or 160-horsepower engine, so everything beneath will be thoroughly modern.


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