[Video] Head over to the UK if you want to snatch a second-hand Bugatti Chiron image

Though you might be disappointed by the asking price – it’s £3.6 million, approximately $4.78M, which is no less than £1.1 million more than the French brand’s asking price for a new example.

So, the balance is easy to fill – if you want it cheaper and with the possibility to personalize it according to your desires better order one through the official channels. But you’re in for a long wait because Bugatti is producing few examples per year (craftsmanship and all), meaning this used example is your best chance if you absolutely must have one… now. The UK’s first “used” Chiron is here – and it doesn’t fit the bill that just driving your new car off the dealership lot will take a large percentage off its value. This particular example is up for grabs at specialist supercar dealer Romans International in Surrey.

This black unit was among the first delivered in England, with the initial owner selecting a few things to his licking – for example the leather and carbon interior at £53,000, along with carbon fiber seats at £16,000. “Although the Chiron is not yet sold out, if you place an order today you will be waiting at least three or four years before the car could be built and delivered, so we are offering the chance to jump the queue. Of course there is a hefty premium to pay for this privilege,” rants on our argument Tom Jaconelli, Romans International director.

Via Romans International