If you’re into US cars, two of the most definitive American cars you can own are the 2016 Dodge Charger Hellcat and the Dodge Viper – both positive displays of the country’s sports car prowess.

While getting a sedan to battle a “pure” sports car is usually not really a close call, when discussing American “muscle” things have a tendency to change really fast. Now, given the credentials of both automobiles, you may actually expect to have something truly spectacular – and if you take the time to watch the footage at the bottom you won’t be disappointed. We can be sure some of you might think the Challenger was a better… well challenger for the Viper, but we can give this run the wow factor when seeing the Viper next to a seemingly “inconspicuous” sedan.

The pair battled fraternally during the Pikes Peak event, using the Colorado Airport runway as their drag strip. Both are 2016 model years and both have been left untouched in their factory guise. This time around they also opted for a half-mile drag race instead of the usual quarter mile and to make the thins even more enticing they went for the rolling start. No spoilers follow, but we can tell you the speeds and times were extremely close. Unfortunately, as time goes by, such battles will be rarer – we all know the Viper is being killed off yet again by FCA.


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