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The third installment in the popular series Cars is seemingly returning to its racetrack origins after the second part featured a not so well received globetrotting adventure.

Cars 3 will be in cinemas in the United States starting June 16 and Pixar has decided that a new cast of characters is in order to keep things interesting and the money-making machine (you know, all that marketing tie ins from the supermarket) spinning. The fresh wheels are now being featured all in one place – as for now we only got details about the villain Jackson Storm and Lightning McQueen’s trainer Cruz Ramierez. Now we also get a chance to see the new headlights that join the franchise. The racers – McQueen and Storm get much of the attention – but there are also interesting characters such as Natalie Certain who give our heroes the necessary info.

[Video] Here are all the new vehicles in Cars 3 1

Certain for example brings detailed intelligence about the other competitors, with Kerry Washington providing the voice – if we were to find her a real counterpart, we could easily tie her up to the street-smart Tesla Model S. Trailers and plot details seem to suggest Lightning McQueen goes back to the traditional American oval racing’s roots at dirt tracks. Miss Fritter is a bespoke school bus that competes in the demolition derby, and she has a really tough demeanor. Nathan Fillion (yes, of Firefly and Serenity fame) plays Sterling, who is a “businesscar” – and its designs looks like a cross between a BMW 3.0 CS and an Aston Martin.