Since we get assaulted at least once a month with releases, sketches, pictures and even concepts of this and that brand new auto manufacturer, we could be excused for taking them all with a pinch of salt.

This is exactly what happened when we saw the Devel Sixteen project – a supercar utilizing a monstrous V16 12.3-liter quad-turbo – which actually pretty much turns out to be real. The evidence is supported by the footage below and we’re actually contemplating whether we should take the company – called “Defining Extreme Vehicles Car Industry L.L.C.” – seriously from now on. While the jury is still out on this matter, we can remind you the Devel Sixteen is a car powered by a large V16 engine with a 12.3-liter displacement and featuring no more, no less than four 81-mm turbochargers. It was first showcased back in 2013 during the Dubai Motor Show and looked like a cross between the Lamborghini Egoista and Veneno.

Well, according to Steve Morris Engines, which were responsible for the creation of the mammoth engine, it could deliver in excess of 5,000 hp (3,728 kW) if the dyno doing the testing was actually capable of handling that kind of power. For the time being, the one employed clocked “just” 4,515 hp (3,367 kW) at 6,900 rpm and 3,519 lb-ft (4,766 Nm) at 6,600 rpm. By the way, there’s also a “daily use” mod that tones down the engine to a more manageable 3,006 hp (2,242 kW) at 6,900 rpm and 2,407 lb-ft (3,260 Nm) at 6,400 rpm. Yep, the engine rings true – but how about putting all that raw, jaw-dropping power inside a vehicle and then delivering it to the asphalt?

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