[Video] Here’s a review of the villain cars from the James Bond Spectre movie image

Everyone hyped James Bond’s new vehicle choice the Aston Martin DB10 but others might also wonder about the villain cars – equally great choices that face the daunting challenge of stopping 007.

While British supercar manufacturer Aston Martin has come up with a unique DB10 model to be featured in Spectre, local competitors from Jaguar Land Rover decided that “bad” publicity is equally good publicity and once again delivered the vehicles for the villains. As the spy action flick is making its debut all around the world these days, the guys over at XCAR decided to see what Tata’s unit had cooked for the equally entertaining baddies. First up is the land Rover Defender Bigfoot – which has 185 horsepower under the hood. Won’t see much, but how about the rest of credentials: 37-inch tires, rear limited slip differential, LED lights front and back, Warn Zeon 10S Winch Kit and Recaro seats. With the Defender out of the picture – unfortunately – in its current form, you will have to reconsider such an acquisition and go for the Land Rover Range Rover Sport SVR. This one also packs a punch thanks to the larger wheels and tires, a stealth black paint job and those pesky bright spotlights – while under the hood power has remained the same – 550 horsepower and a zero to 62 mph (100 km/h) sprint in just five seconds.

Naturally the “piece de resistance” of the review is the Jaguar C-X75 a refreshed version of the original prototype – which XCAR noted acted as a mashup of various jaguar models, including a center console from the F-Type. Five other replicas were built for the movie, powered by the same 5.0-liter V8 that churns out 550 horsepower. By the way, the reviewers had a speed limit of just 30 mph – to avoid any possible damage to the precious models, but nevertheless all three are worth the watch.

Via XCARFilms