[Video] Here’s how the world has been moving for more than a century image

While there are talks of electric revolution, let’s not forget that for more than a century the gasoline engine has been moving the world – allowing us to reach a level of unparalleled technological evolution.

We’ve all come to take internal combustion engines for granted – since they are ubiquitous these days – but unless you’re a mechanic there’s a chance you’re not quite familiar with the inner workings of the technology. But here’s a fascinating – slow motion at 4K resolution – look at what happens inside an engine. The host from the Warped Perception channel has had a Briggs and Stratton single-cylinder flathead engine fitted with a transparent top – and the old school design also places the valves beside the cylinder. But this is perfect for the school session – the view from the top exposes the powerplant’s operation.

Simple by today’s standards, the flatheads were the backbone of incipient motoring due to simple design and the ability to withstand the poor quality fuel of the time. And even if you do know how an engine works – 4K slow motion is still a treat. And after the traditional gasoline, the host also switches to other forms of fuel – with interesting results (some explosive), as you can see for yourself.