[Video] Here’s the official BMW comparison of the X3 generations image

Now in its third generation, the BMW X3 SAV – as the Bavarian automaker likes to calls sport utility models – is not easily distinguishable from its predecessor, but the brand obliges and highlights all the relevant differentiations.

A new disease is spreading among automakers – the copycat influenza – where every subsequent generation of a model looks very much the same as the predecessor. It arrived because apparently people are overly traditional and nobody wants to alienate them… although there are brands that do dare to stand out, such as Citroen or Aston Martin, for example. BMW has long aligned itself with the evolutionist current, so it’s actually useful to watch these official generational comparison videos if you’re in the market for one of their vehicles.

[Video] Here’s the official BMW comparison of the X3 generations 5

Now it’s time for the old and “new” X3 to share the “dancefloor”, with the company delivering to its fans a short but comprehensive comparison video, depicting the evolution of the latest two generations, the F25 and G01. The most noticeable exterior changes include the transition of the fog lamps to LED technology and the redesigned styling for the taillamps. Inside, there’s even more luxury and technology – new multi-functional fully-digital instrument cluster, larger central touchscreen, gesture controls, higher quality materials and things such as the Driving Assistance Package, bundling features such as the Active Blind Spot Detection and Lane Departure Warning, Active Cruise Control, Frontal Collision Warning, City Collision Mitigation, and Pedestrian Protection.