[Video] Here’s the Saab supercar you’ll never drive image

The Swedish automaker still has a place in our automotive fan heart, and even as specialists we still dream of the day its aircraft-inspired ideas might return to the streets.

So, to rekindle our fondness with the brand that is now worn only by aircrafts (great ones, as always), here’s the unofficial jet-inspired supercar dubbed Saab AiroX, an autonomous concept made by Gray Design. Of course, in real life Saab never built a proper supercar, so the canvas is blank for the virtual designer to imagine a high-tech Swedish coupe called AiroX, equipped with the latest advancements such as artificial intelligence or autonomous drive technologies.

[Video] Here’s the Saab supercar you’ll never drive 4

This interpretation is thoroughly modern, with the only classic Saab cue being the grille, and there are quirky things such as a display in the front end for messages and warnings – but other than that we like the traditional supercar arrangement with low roof and mid-mounted powertrain. The vehicle is also inspired by Saab’s aeronautical heritage, with movable wings and flaps to adjust the aerodynamics – pieces up front would increase downforce and deployable panels at the back would come out at high speed for extra stability. There are currently zero chances for Saab to come back though – National Electric Vehicle Sweden, the parent company, has actually lost the rights to use the moniker on future vehicles following an interdiction by the defense contractor.