The reason is simple – no chance in hell a sportbike would lose a drag race to a car unless the latter is a hypercar. But that was until a Tesla Model S smoked a 600cc sportbike.

The motorcycles almost always combine a lightweight architecture with a rather potent engine – allowing them to be nimble and even faster than you dare imagine if you’re inexperienced. But they do carry some impediments – you can usually take just one person with you and gearing up before a ride takes about as much time as the trip itself. And then here’s the solution. If you want that insane acceleration level and you’re a team player – meaning you want to enjoy the thrills with others, just go out and buy a Tesla Model S. You’ll save the planet (allegedly) in the process, too.

This video is a statement of the electric car’s prowess – since it has all the torque of a supercar from zero rpm, it’s able to embarrass a 600cc motorcycle in a straight-line run. The motorcyclist backed out because he said in the first run the Tesla jumped the start and he was in the wrong gear. But then we see the next runs have the exact same outcome – the Model S sprints like a champ and the rider has no solution. By the way, you should know this is not really a safe for work video, because the motorcyclist is very colorful in his language explanations.



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