Motor Trend’s “2015 SEMA Week Powered by Nissan” event has delivered an interesting drag race across time: a 240Z, 370Z and GT-R faced off against each other, with a Trophy Truck added in just for fun.

While we’re easy to spot a marketing stunt when we see one, the drag race between a 240Z, a 370Z, a GTR, and a Trophy Truck should actually be pretty fun to see even though we’re ready to imagine the winner even before seeing the ridiculous footage. We have the underdog here: the older 240Z, which remains the challenger even though it has secretly exchanged the standard 2.4-liter, 151 hp engine from the 1970s with a modernish RB 2.6-liter, 280 hp Skyline GT-R straight-six engine (it could actually churn out even more ponies since the video says the 240Z and 370Z are now on par in terms of raw power). Next up is the 370Z Nismo, which uses a 3.7-liter V6 power mill that churns out 350 hp. The catch is the latter is way heavier than the former – standard cars have a weight difference of around 400 kilograms. In addition, the 240Z has also been stripped of interior amenities, which should make up the added heft brought by the engine swapping (in standard guise it tipped the scale at just 1,044 kilograms).

The third on the power levels is the unexpected challenger – a two-ton Trophy Truck, in this case a Nissan Class 1 race truck from the 1990s, which in stock mode should be propelled by a mid-mounted, naturally aspirated V6 of 4 liters and delivering 503hp. Last, but certainly, not least, is the GT-R top of the line sports car, which hasn’t been left untouched either. If you had any doubts about the winner, then all things should be pretty much clear since the guys at Narvaez Racing have turned it into an ethanol-running beast with 1,100 hp under the hood.

Via Motor Trend Channel


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