[Video] Here’s your ultimate luxurious home on the road image

Don’t get deterred by the first picture you see with the outside of this motor home, as the $1 million plus price tag is actually all about what’s inside. And we’re talking about state of the art technology and luxury.

Marchi Mobile’s range of RVs have just hit the roads after spending some serious years in development and concept form, boasting a reassuring price tag of $1,374,451 – which actually gets you a different perspective then what you would imagine of sleeping on the road.

These are truly mobile mansions – and you need a heavy truck parking space to stop – as you would definitely need some sweet time to enjoy all the amenities provided – from upright pianos, treadmills, tanning beds, recording studios for musician aficionados to… well, fireplaces.

If you can pass over the ugly looking front of the vehicle, or the unsettling driving position – which you should swiftly do by hiring your own chauffeur – you can dwell into eight Samsung LED LCD flat screens, or use the electronic liquor-dispensing system or even play somebody a prank with your very own rain shower that features integrated LED lights in the ceiling.

If the upfront price is something you still consider to be manageable, than you can spend some dime on acquiring the extras: a sky lounge rooftop or an incredible fully equipped patio that features an ice machine, fridge, full-sized grill, a huge table and your necessary to relax surround sound system.

Via Daily Mail