[Video] Home-made gymkhana features a Subaru Impreza 2.5 RS image

Almost a decade has passed since Ken Block first took the motoring Internet by storm with his original gymkhana – and it’s starting to feel like a classic in the making already.

Ever since motoring action on social media channels has never been the same – as YouTube is now flooded with similar or inspired car stunting action from both amateurs and professionals, with the entire range of vehicles – from karts to semi trucks. Tyler Witte is one of those people that seeks some reenactment but manages to capture a bit of the original feel, when there were no theatrics, no closed streets, no Dubai supercars, and even has an old Subaru to make sure you catch the original gymkhana reference.

The efforts are also laudable, since he certainly lacks Block’s budget for tires and car – which according to an interview is basically a home-build from a previously totaled pre-bug eye 2.5 RS. Once ready, he got a heavy equipment owner to allow him to go crazy around his property. Dozers were used to construct all sorts of tricks – and the most interesting is the BMX style reverse vertical jump on a stacked set of containers. We like the effort and applaud the achievement – especially since this almost a DIY home effort.