[Video] Homemade wheels allow this car to go virtually in any direction image

We know usually we advise you to read this piece and then go down to watch the footage, but this time around you need to watch the footage first and then come back and read the story.

That’s because without seeing it you would dismiss our story as a delusional case. This could actually be the answer for drivers that shouldn’t be allowed to drive but they do and have trouble even when it comes to a measly maneuver such as parallel parking. We shouldn’t be picky – but there are people out there who simply don’t possess the skills needed, even though they know what they want to do and even how to do it – theoretically. Now Canadian inventor William Liddiard has come up with a solution – the homemade omnidirectional Liddiard Wheels.

The measly prototype car is actually the inventor’s personal Toyota Echo, and with the set on the vehicle can now move in any direction – including spinning at 360 degrees. For parallel parking the driver would simply need to stop next to an empty spot and then laterally move the car into the space. In the video, we can also see these bespoke tires rolling to move the car, with the tires grooved and actually built from the same rubber compounds as traditional ones. There are also other omnidirectional wheel system designs, but this one appears to be the first that uses a bolt-on system that doesn’t require the vehicle to have been built prior around the wheels.