The Honda Odissey is looking to cater to younger audiences – perhaps soccer moms in the making – with the latest version of the popular people carrier, inspired by Disney and titled the “Minnie Van.”

It’s a thoughtful idea – especially since buyers have been reporting the new Odyssey actually has a bit of a porn problem (a connected feature offering access to a service that also has such interesting videos, albeit requiring a prior subscription to the type of content). The special project has of course been created with help and in partnership with Disney, and is inspired by the lady of the mouse house – Minnie Mouse. As such, it comes with a clear exterior, pink shade with white polka dots – but we’re not exactly sure of the aero advantage brought by the bespoke “mouse ears” and Minnie’s trademark bow. Designers also added special interior features – among them a flower pot on the dashboard and pink pillows on the seats.

The Minnie Van is going to feature its worldwide introduction in front of the audience gathered at the Disney D23 Expo in Anaheim, California and will be on display as part of the “Minnie’s Style: The Fashion House of Minnie Mouse” exhibit. That one is for the ardent fan of the lady mouse, as it explores Minnie Mouse’s various fashion decisions – in terms of dresses and other accessories – and how they changed over the years. The van is also used to promote the Unlock the Magic Sweepstakes, a marketing effort for the Odyssey involving ABC, Disney, and Honda – which also includes a lucky family trip to Disneyland and a brand new Odyssey.




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