[VIDEO] Honda S660 spotted once more image

The brand new Honda S660 roadster is the subject to a new video and this seems to actually be a first review of the model.

After it has leaked just a few days ago in a couple of images, the brand new Honda S660 is being placed into the spotlights once again, this time with the help of a video. The clip posted below is showing us the small Japanese sports car being driven around a track and it seems that this is actually its first ever review, but since we don’t speak Japanese, we have no clue on what is being said.

The Honda S660 has been based on the concept car and it seems to get a similar design, slightly toned down for the production version, and if this was believed to be a successor of the S2000, think again, because it has nothing in common with the iconic sports car. The new model is carrying a mid-mounted engine and it has a soft top which can be put away by hand.

The design is quite appealing and spotting a direct competitor at the moment is quite tricky considering the fact that it has a mid-mounted engine layout and it is being powered by a 660cc 3-cylinder engine, with 64 HP (47 kW) and 104 Nm (77 lb-ft) of torque. Chances are we will see it outside its local market too, with a larger 1.0 liter turbo engine, rated at 140 HP (103 kW). More details on the Honda S660 are limited at this time.