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Everyone was expecting the introduction of a new, smaller sports car, dubbed by fans the “baby NSX” after several patent images and spy shots made the rumor wheel rounds during the past months.

And Honda delivered – though not in the way everyone expected. Granted, you can still drive the new Honda Sports Vision Gran Turismo, but as the name implies you can only do it in the virtual world. That’s because this is the latest addition to the long line of Vision Gran Turismo family of concepts, stemming from the collaboration between various automakers and the award-winning game series. The new concept will become available for fans to drive in the new Gran Turismo Sport installment, and we can certainly be sure the automaker did the homework in preparation.

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While the styling is not as dramatic as other prototypes in the series, the Honda Vision GT does look way more prepared to actually hit the streets if need be. The design is the work of Honda’s Los Angeles-based design studio, but final testing and development took place home in Japan. Using a “Human Centered Design,” the Honda Vision GT’s aerodynamics were tested via computer simulations and real work in the wind tunnel – the team actually delivered a full-size model to ensure its aerodynamic properties were real.

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The rest of the specs are theoretical though – carbon fiber body, for a low weight of just 1,981 pounds (899 kilograms). Motivation is ensured by the use of a 2.0-liter DOHC-VTEC four-cylinder engine good for 403 horsepower (300 kilowatts), power delivery being operated via an eight-speed dual-clutch transmission linked to the rear wheels. Unfortunately it’s unknown if Honda has any plans to bring it to real life or base a sports car on this design, so fans need to solace with the Gran Turismo Sport game for now.