The fullsize truck segment is dominated by the American players – namely the F-150, Silverado and Ram 1500 – but there are outsiders looking to chip in on the fame as well.

For example there has been a heated debate triggered by Chevrolet testing the Silverado high-strength steel bed against the F-150’s stamped aluminum option in a bid to showcase the former’s increased durability. Honda has decided to also show Japanese can be tough by testing the Sheet Molded Composite (SMC) bed of its new2017 Ridgeline. Since we’re again talking about a very official video coming from the automaker itself, you can imagine the Ridgeline managed to outperform both American competitors. We’re now expecting Ram to show us some of its prowess – maybe dropping a Hellcat engine inside the bed of the Ram 1500 while being revved up?

Anyways, in its own video Honda performed the test with a loader that dropped 60 landscaping stones weighing around 14-16 pounds (6.3-7.2 kilograms) into the Ridgeline’s standard composite bed. The punishment worth about 830 lbs (376 kg) was not really abusing as the bed had minor scratches. Aside from that, the dual-action tailgate still worked, and so did he in-bed, lockable trunk which offers a cargo capacity of 7.3 cubic-feet. In Honda’s defense, this is not the first time they do a second-generation Ridgeline composite bed test – a few months back they dropped into the midsize pickup’s bed heavy river rock worth of almost 1,600 pounds (725 kilograms).



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