Remember the S2000 – if you do here’s another great look, if you don’t we can tell you’ve missed out on one of the best Japanese sports car of modern times. No problem, Honda likes to rekindle the model as well, especially one that has been caressed inside the heritage Collection.

The S2000 brought lots of open top fun – and while there was a seriously large fan base the model never got a successor. The VTEC sportscar was retired in 2009 after being produced for a decade, and because it’s still in its early age you won’t see it in a museum – but won’t find one that is immaculate on the street either. Fortunately, Honda decided a S2000 Edition 100 should be taken out for quick spin, just so it doesn’t get too many moths inside the Heritage Collection.

As for the S2000, here’s a quick reminder – the model came with one of the greatest four-cylinder engines ever made, happy revving up to 9,000rpm. The model pictured here is the AP2 iteration – sort of a second generation. European models had modified springs and anti-roll bars, with optional traction control from 2006 that became standard in 2008. The Edition 100 is of course the most special of all – it features the last examples ever produced and comes with white paint and a red leather interior.



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