The third largest Japanese automaker is a regular when it comes to making ads that might be more eye-catching than the vehicle they’re promoting. Fortunately this time around the ad and vehicle are on par.

Called “The Dreamer”, we already know we’re in for a funky ride that might see us at the end call for a second viewing – in the span of just 30 seconds the 2016 Civic Sedan goes from being a vision of a Honda engineer to a real life metal contraption – while the ride to reality is one rollercoaster after another taking place in the mind of the engineer. The voice-over cleverly says at the end bit when the car becomes a reality: “Direct from our imagination. The all-new Civic, ” while the Empire of the Sun are playing in the background the “Walking on a Dream” during the ad. By the way, January 8 seems to have been selected by the Japanese carmaker as the main day for the Civic.

The era of technology and information helps Honda reach out towards all social channels – Instagram will have a span of marquee video ads depicting the new Civic, the support going up through March; Snapchat, IGN and the Buzzfeed Discover Platform are also there and Facebook and Twitter have not been forgotten as well. And if that doesn’t sound enough, the usual print and TV marketing campaigns in the US will be supported by additional online video, gaming, and mobile campaigns – from a series on Buzzfeed to a Hearthstone gaming tournament seen live from Red Bull Studios.


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