[Video] Honda turns its cars into movie stars for latest commercial image

The Japanese automaker is well known for its masterful art of automotive advertising after great ads such as Cog for the Accord and Paper, the latest showcasing the brand’s innovations.

Now they’re back with an equally interesting and visually arresting commercial titled “Dream Makers” where the company showcases its current model range by turning the cars into regular movie stars. The Civic is turned into a getaway car in a race with a train for a crime caper, the CR-V has ET roots with a close encounter with a UFO – and there’s even a couple an Africa Twin motorcycle running away from the law enforcement in a serene desert. But our personal favorite is the Civic Type R segment where the hot hatchback is fighting off a huge robot on a rampage spree in a Japanese City.

The spot has great visuals – again – because every segment is shown going through the traditional film-making process – we have the script first, then the vehicle is on the storyboard drawing, morphs into a CGI shot then into the actual scene. The Civic Type R is again most impressive because the robot transitions through various designs before assuming the final form, while the city is being gradually built around the movie star. Apparently the commercial will be used specifically for films on Britain’s Channel 4 – so the movie connections are easily understandable.