[Video] Hopefully final Hyundai Kona teaser reveals arrival date image

The South Korean automaker’s fist subcompact crossover – named Kona – has been teased on numerous occasions and has already leaked in all its glory while undergoing official photo shoots in Portugal.

Now we’re getting a new preview teaser video that hopefully be the last one – with the most important aspect is the indication of the arrival date – Hyundai will take the wraps off the Kona on June 13. While the automaker – just look at the “new” i30 – isn’t known for being a daring stylist, the Kona might be coming from a completely different story and looks to take part in the boldest choice competition in the segment – a daring competitor for the Nissan Juke or the Toyota C-HR. The funky design has already been seen in the wild and it’s certainly going to be polarizing – and fresh.

The most striking feature will be the double headlight arrangement – something that we’ve already seen actually, though not exactly in this form (Jeep Cherokee, Citroen C3, C4 Cactus, etc.) – and most obviously it’s a signal the Kona will try to snatch Juke’s audience. No worries if the Kona isn’t for you, because Kia will also launch its own interpretation and that one – allegedly called Stonic – will be far less polarizing. The Hyundai Kona will premiere in front of a live audience during the Frankfurt Motor Show, while the Kia counterpart is expected to arrive a little later.