[Video] Hot Russian blonde reviews the Renault Logan image

After digitally conquering the World Wide Web with their numerous dash cam videos, Russians could open a new business sector – the reviews of cars made by sexy blondes.

And thanks to French automaker Renault we have a first idea about how interesting the new business venture could become, after the sexy blond-haired beauty Anastasia Tregubova, a self-declared car passionate, reviews the Logan model.

We’re sure that the Dacia Logan by now is a model you know something about – launched in 2004 after tremendous hype surrounding the promised 5,000 euros car. Renault didn’t actually deliver but the affordable car managed to take the parts of the world it’s being sold by storm – with hundreds of thousands of people buying the Logan over the course of a decade.

The car is now in its second generation, jumping from an antiquated car project that had only one argument – the price – to a true subcompact offering. Actually, its hatchback sibling – the Sandero – is among the best selling models on important Western markets such as France, Italy or Spain.

In Russia, Renault uses the model under its own brand, with the locally-assembled sedan sold with just one engine, a traditional and reliable 1.6-liter naturally aspirated four-cylinder that churns out just 90 hp. With different tires, the car can get to 100 km/h in around 10.5 to 11.9 seconds and top speed will not surpass 172 km/h.